David Mealy, principal of San Francisco-based Urban Analytics, has served as a consultant to California’s cities, counties and redevelopment agencies for over twenty years. Mr. Mealy has been responsible for a wide range of projects, from fiscal services on bond issues to complex analyses of development-related fiscal impacts and the development of new infrastructure financings. The firm has provided fiscal reports on more than thirty bond issues involving over $3 billion. Urbics, the firm’s online subscription service, provides bond investors, rating agencies, insurers and issuers with current data on property taxes, ownership concentration, land use and other credit metrics for thousands of bond issues in California and Florida. Prior to forming Urban Analytics, Mr. Mealy worked with the San Jose Redevelopment Agency on its ambitious bonding program and the New York City Mayor’s Office of Policy Analysis on an overhaul of the city’s property tax incentives. He received his Masters in Urban Planning from Columbia University and his BA from the University of California at Santa Cruz.


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